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I was falling into a deep dark place in my soul, I have no needs, no passion, I felt death inside, and then a bright light shows up in my way, again, here he comes to en-light my universe , to look back and find me, to discover one more time that beautiful bright eyed girl that used to have dreams. Thanks for once again revive my fire, without knowing me  you light my way, you are my miracle drug, and you know exactly how, when, what to sing
”I have a will for survival/So you can hurt me then hurt me some more/I can live with denial/But you’re not my troubles anymore” Troubles-U2-Songs of innocence 09/09/14
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— From Woody Allen: A Documentary
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Michael Fassbender 
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She’s so prettiful :’)
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??? | via Tumblr on We Heart It

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Mr. Darcy
I really don’t
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hansome men
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love him
Woody Allen

I’m sick of searching images or quotes about my favorite director and find a lot of people criticizing Cate Blanchett  for thanking Woody Allen at the Oscar’s, some users call  him rapist, they said that they cannot longer see Annie Hall, and that his job is not worthy anymore.

I understand that they are famous and the media is everywhere,  but why does she published a letter when Wood Allen is having an Oscar nomination?, she couldn’t do it before? is that unfinished personal things to talk directly with him?

Also is terrible that she tries to involved famous actors in their situation at the end of the letter, I mean what was she trying to do with that? Change public opinion with massive Hollywood stars? [cause that only happens in advertisement]

Only they know who’s not telling the truth, but if she actually was molested, the only thing she could do is ask to reopen the case and do another investigation

I personally try to check everything about this situation cause I really admire Woody Allen, and I found pretty interesting articles that clearly show inconsistencies in Dylan’s statements.