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— From Woody Allen: A Documentary
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Michael Fassbender 
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She’s so prettiful :’)
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Mr. Darcy
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I really don’t
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hansome men
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love him
Woody Allen

I’m sick of searching images or quotes about my favorite director and find a lot of people criticizing Cate Blanchett  for thanking Woody Allen at the Oscar’s, and other users that say  his a rapist, they cannot longer see Annie Hall, his job is not worthy anymore and things like that.

First of all I’m sure everyone who post their opinions like that, are the same ones that publish everything they do on twitter and facebook, things like: “I’m so sad my grandma died” or “my boyfriend dumped me” stuff like that. I mean do we really need to find out that way? Isn’t that personal? Things that you only trust to your best friends? Is the same with Woody’s daughter.

I understand that they are famous and the media is everywhere,  but why she published a letter when Woody’s having an Oscar nomination?, she couldn’t do it before? And it’s really disgusting when she try to involved the actors in their situation at the end of the letter, I mean what was she trying to do with that? Change public opinion?

Only they know who’s not telling the truth, but if that really happen, the only thing she could do is ask to reopen her case and do another investigation

I personally try to check everything about that case and I found pretty interesting articles that clearly show inconsistencies in Dylan’s statements.

And Robert. B. Weide, does an exam of the facts

Well that’s my proof,  and all I can say is before people star judging, they should try to inform themselves first